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  1. Tactic
    Tactic Fortunity
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  2. Stealthy Boss
    Stealthy Boss
    Im a good man (ツ)
  3. Stealthy Boss
    Stealthy Boss Tactic
    Renember porxy (:
  4. Jack5
    omegalul smh
  5. SirSpook
    A fancy lad back from the dead
  6. SweetCookie500
    Absent for now not because of lack of interest in TF2...But because my hard drive with TF2 on it was confiscated...
  7. Cutie Bum
    Cutie Bum
    Yay! A whole new computer! Xmas in July!
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  8. SweetCookie500
    SweetCookie500 Magic Missile
    Happy Birthday Missile! :D
  9. AussieFrenzy
  10. AussieFrenzy
    AussieFrenzy Akara Anime
    can you help me
  11. AussieFrenzy
  12. AussieFrenzy
  13. Cutie Bum
    Cutie Bum
    Yay! I'm getting a new computer! At work and at home hehe
  14. Cutie Bum
    Cutie Bum
    omg... I just realised I have 4000+ hours in KF2... Where did my life go? XD
  15. bleh
    bleh Rushy
    Hi Rushy, I would like to apply for admin... Contact me for details
  16. AussieFrenzy
    AussieFrenzy Cutie Bum
    can you help me please
  17. AussieFrenzy
    AussieFrenzy Cutie Bum
    can we have a talk please
  18. AussieFrenzy
    AussieFrenzy Cutie Bum
    will l"ll be let back on the sever again or is it permanent
  19. AussieFrenzy
    AussieFrenzy Cutie Bum
    if it ok with you can you fix it so i can play please
  20. Cutie Bum
    Cutie Bum
    Click on "Why you were banned" that's the message i sent you