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  1. Pure SkhillZ
    Pure SkhillZ
    I don't know what to technically say about me, but at least I'm handsome as fuck BOIIII !!!
  2. Silent Sword
    Silent Sword Rushy
    Rushy I would need to talk to about the Future Plans and I got ideas for what you said to me :0
  3. Kenbaseball482
    Trying to become a moderator. Support me through my social medias
  4. RageAppleJack
    I'm Noy a brony. I do this becuase of night trotter addiction. The End.
  5. Jason
    Jason Rushy
    Would I be allowed too have a second name tag
  6. Silent Sword
  7. Auskothar
    You're friendly neiborhood guy who made rushy patch pl_barnblits and cp_gourge_event. That's right. Me.
  8. Tempered
    "In Russia, if hand is rotten, you cut off hand. If arm is rotten, you cut off arm. But if heart is cut off leg."
  9. David
    Free Sfm Posters
  10. Frosty
  11. Harmless
    The craziest thing I've done in a Rushy Server was starting a cult about a rock on the map Pride Rock in a Zombies Server
  12. Harmless
  13. Jacob Ahmann
    Jacob Ahmann Rushy
    can you ban the short circut from the zombie servers you host, having it be replaced by a default pistol or something?
  14. Jacob Ahmann
  15. Kleask10
    Kleask10 Jack5

    found me in upward with 3 seconds left ranchoing in medics base
    instead of killing me
    just stood there
    thinking about life
    and why its worth living

    anyway yeah you're cool
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  16. Pickles
    Pickles Rushy
    response: yes, they do.
    I can't join the aus servers for some reason.
    I can join all the other ones but not them. Its weird
    edit: i can only join the old trade/idle and the idle server. those are the only servers in aus i can join.
    edit2: the zombie server is also completely absent in my server browser
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    2. Pickles
      ok, ill try that.
      Apr 2, 2017
    3. Pickles
      thanks, that worked. :D))))))))))) (i dont know how to say im very very happy in emotes so heres mister fat chin)
      Apr 2, 2017
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    4. Pickles
      actually, that is very odd... i can't play on the server without getting timed out and having to restart my modem again..
      Apr 2, 2017
  17. Pickles
    Pickles Rushy
    Hey, the tf2 Zombie Survival #1 Australia server isn't responding for me. its not in my search results, i cant join by IP, and has no join option when i prompt to join a friend on the server. can you help me?
    edit: I've talked to Yellow Sage about this already.
    1. Rushy
      Do the other servers appear if you use the 'rushy' tag in the server browser? and hit refresh
      Apr 2, 2017
  18. ItsMatty
    ItsMatty Rushy
    I won't let you walk free with what you've done to me.
    1. Rushy
      You only have yourself to blame. I gave you multiple chances to right your wrong. Bullying other players, harassing moderators and then making a petition was way to far. I was going to leave it at a mute, but you crossed the line
      Mar 16, 2017
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  19. Jack5
    Like a chicken with the face of a monkey, I die.
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  20. ItsMatty
    ItsMatty Rushy
    Why did you unfriend me?
    1. Rushy
      steam was not the correct platform to contact me
      Mar 10, 2017