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  1. Silent Sword
    Silent Sword bmandavis
    Happy Birthday :D
  2. avio.
    Why am I using this?
  3. Peri✪
    This is like twitter except i actually use it
  4. Peri✪
    Lunges are the best way to improve your hips, especially if you're a trap so like get on that
  5. ♠-Acey-♠
  6. Peri✪
    Unhgle DAhen
  7. Revenant Grace
    Revenant Grace Rushy
    How would one go about discussing an admin without starting a forum? Me and several other members often discuss one of your admin's behavior, and wouldn't want to start drama via starting a forum.
    1. Rushy
      @Revenant Grace On my profile click the information tab and click start conversation (at the bottom). Or hover over the envelope icon on the top right and click the 'new conversation' link and input my name
      Dec 4, 2017
  8. Raxxy
    Apparently banned for "name hacking".
  9. Vodka4Gaben
    Playing Team Fortress 2.
  10. Pure SkhillZ
    Pure SkhillZ
    I don't know what to technically say about me, but at least I'm handsome as fuck BOIIII !!!
  11. Silent Sword
    Silent Sword Rushy
    Rushy I would need to talk to about the Future Plans and I got ideas for what you said to me :0
  12. Kenbaseball482
    Trying to become a moderator. Support me through my social medias
  13. RageAppleJack
    I'm Noy a brony. I do this becuase of night trotter addiction. The End.
  14. Jason
    Jason Rushy
    Would I be allowed too have a second name tag
  15. Silent Sword
  16. Auskothar
    You're friendly neiborhood guy who made rushy patch pl_barnblits and cp_gourge_event. That's right. Me.
  17. Tempered
    "In Russia, if hand is rotten, you cut off hand. If arm is rotten, you cut off arm. But if heart is cut off leg."
  18. David
    Free Sfm Posters
  19. Frosty
  20. Harmless
    The craziest thing I've done in a Rushy Server was starting a cult about a rock on the map Pride Rock in a Zombies Server