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  1. vuongqeqe
  2. Arun Vishwanath
    Arun Vishwanath
    Dr. Arun Vishwanath Of Buffalo, New York Writes About How Spear Phishing Has Become Even More Dangerous
  3. micky
    micky Rushy
    how ya doing?
  4. micky
    micky Rushy
    happy birthday... for yesterday haha
  5. DoMessWithProfile
    Delete this account please.
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  6. mjhc
  7. mjhc
    mjhc Rushy
    may i have my points back?
    1. Rushy
      What is your steam id?
      Feb 7, 2021
  8. mae
    mae Rushy
    wondering if i'm able to get my points back

    (this is a edit to my comment ive read about and i heard you need proof they were your points or something ?
    1. Rushy
      What is your Steam ID? Too many accounts come up under mae.
      Feb 7, 2021
    2. Rushy
      Saw your message on my Steam profile. I have given back your points to the highest amount I found in the server logs.
      Feb 13, 2021
  9. DoMessWithProfile
    Hello, nice to meet you. I've been around the AUS TF2 community for 4 years+! I think people still remember me...
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  10. Jack5
  11. Jack5
    Aww, is my profile still too beautiful for you to handle?
  12. BannanaBusBoat
    Farewell for now
  13. Vrip
    Kinda farmer
  14. Chats
    Smooth brain forums
  15. xl_50
  16. SweetCookie500
    SweetCookie500 Crazyboy
    Happy Birthday :)
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    2. Crazyboy
      I know its late but thank u! i am gonna play again soon :)
      Nov 2, 2020
  17. Pomson Boy
    Pomson Boy
    I would like to have my votemenu privileges back, i lost them a year ago and learn my lesson now give them.
  18. Kaleidescoop
    Making my way in the universe
  19. Paulo
    Paulo Rushy
    Hello ,I am wondering if it is possible to have any of my old points back since I have reseted in the past .I've sent the proof up in discord (Dms)
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    2. Rushy
      This has been done.
      Aug 14, 2020
    3. Paulo
      Problem i have made the mistake that i didnt mention the add up of the other points
      Aug 14, 2020
    4. Rushy
      I took a note of numbers before I made changes. That has been added up and applied.
      Aug 15, 2020
  20. Crazyboy
    Wassup....zs farmer...not much else