Complaint about 'No Dispenser Zone's'

Discussion in 'Zombie Survival' started by Dr. Wong Donger, Dec 27, 2018.

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    There are some spots in maps that are quite powerful when there is a wall of dispenser. Understandably, there are restrictions on where you can build to prevent places where the medics cannot get to. However, this creates a problem.

    When you get to a position, often an elevated one, and you are carrying a dispenser, you cannot place it down, but you can also not get rid of it. So now, you are stuck holding a dispenser and are unable to shoot or move efficiently. The only current solution is to sacrifice yourself to the medics or hope your incapable teammates defend you (which is unlikely).

    An example of when this happened was on lakeside where me and another engineer went on the balcony opposite the stairs going up to the sniper area. I created an exit teleporter on the balcony, created an entrance, got my dispenser and travelled up, only to see I cannot place it down and and an angry horde of medics below.

    My proposed solution to this is that allow the dispenser or buildings to be placed, but destroy it after it is placed. This way:

    a) The engineer/s cannot build op spots

    b) The engineer can protect himself and not be stuck holding a building.

    I don't know coding or anything so I am unsure if such mechanic is possible, but I believe it is unfair for people to be stuck holding buildings and unable to defend themselves. If this proposed solution does not work, is there perhaps an alternative?
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    How would you like it if you could build anywhere you wanted but your building would randomly get destroyed and you would not gain back the metal you lost for seemingly no reason? That is why we use nobuild areas and not destruction methods. It is unfortunate that some players become trapped due to the holding of their previously placed dispenser, however there is nothing we can do about that, especially not through the methods you have discussed here. What we could do is provide players with a command that will destroy their own dispenser, but I doubt anybody would use it.
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    Fair point.

    Hear me out on this suggestion:

    You know when you attempt to place a spray in a no-spray zone, a message appears in chat? What if when you attempt to place a building in a no-build zone, a message appears in chat, something like below:

    "The area you are trying to build-on is a no-building zone. Please type <command> to destroy your building if necessary."

    I found a guide that may be of some use, but when you say command I think you refer to "!xyz":

    An excerpt is here:

    It is possible to make script that will automaticlly destroy and then rebuild any of the buildings.
    It only takes to press one button to build whatever you want.
    Here is the script:

    alias sentry "destroy 2; build 2";
    alias dispenser "destroy 0; build 0";
    alias entrance "destroy 1; build 1";
    alias exit "destroy 3; build 3";
    bind (button) sentry;
    bind (button) dispenser;
    bind (button) entrance;
    bind (button) exit

    Copy this whole text to your console and repleace the "(button)" fields with the button of your choice. If you want write everything one-by-one command, don't write ";" after every command.

    Now, anytime you press the button you have binded it will directly activate Destroy and Build commands.This way you won't worry about switching weapons, everything is instant!

    I am not sure if that is what you mean by command.