Experimental weapon buffs, class balancing, and an experimental zombies server.

Discussion in 'Zombie Survival' started by rectalcitrus, Dec 2, 2018.

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    Proposed Weapon Changes:

    - Ubersaw; instead of a minimal and insufficient life steal, medics build up uber whenever they hit an engineer. At 100%, medics can pop their uber for mini-crits & bullet resistance. 35% slower firing speed.

    - Vitasaw; significantly increase the amount of damage done to buildings, decrease the amount dealt to engineers, retain health debuff.

    - Solemn Vow; hitting an engineer awards a burst of speed. Increase firing speed. -20 health won wearer.

    - Panic Attack; increase rate of fire, increase damage, severely decrease clip size. (Makes it a burst weapon.)

    - Pomson; attacks go through zombies, higher damage, slow rate of fire, increased reload time. (Makes it the BFG.)

    - Frontier Justice; increase damage by 45 - 65%, decrease clip size to one, decrease reload speed. (Sniper rifle.)

    - Southern Hospitality; 65% damage increase, +75 health on wearer, 55% slower firing speed, 25% lower metal reserves. (battle engi weapon)

    Proposed Class Balances:

    Engineer; as of now, the engineer remains pretty balanced in terms of base physical stats. Possible very slight speed debuff.

    Medic; medics could use some work. significant range debuff, slight speed buff. Currently, engineers stand little to no chance against even one medic. I'm rank 215, and I still significantly struggle with this issue. I've been able to take out engineers in the top ten ranks solo just because of how powerful the physical stats are.

    Proposed Game Mode:

    - Hardcore Bonus: The Nuclear Solution; Medics now have 80% reduced health. However, they now explode when they hit something, dealing high AoE damage. Damage is not enough to kill an engineer, but enough to lower him to 35% health. Buildings take increased damage. Engineers must kill medics early at all costs, as too many late game medics will result in nuclear annihilation.

    - Silly Bonus: Taunt Wars; Both sides can only taunt kill.

    - Hardcore Bonus: BFZ; One zombie. Huge health increases calculated by how many red engineers are in the lobby. Engineers must work together to bring down the BFZ. BFZ has one very high jump. BFZ does 150 damage per hit. This is survivable if you implement the weapon changes. BFZ can build up rage, scaring engineers around it. BFZ player model size increased or edited to custom ripped medic model. Engis receive mini-crits on ranged weapons and critical hits on melee. Engineers do not turn upon death and do not respawn.

    - Hardcore Bonus: Teleporters Only; Increase teleporter build speed by 200%, uptime by 200%, Game of cat and mouse. Engineers have slightly increased ammo regen.

    Proposed Future Implementations:

    Working on a multiclass zombie survival.
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    • Proposed weapon balances:
      • Ubersaw suggestion is currently too extreme for us to reliably test. We will reconsider once the second wave of balances has been pushed.
      • Vita-Saw change is planned.
      • Solemn Vow will likely not be changed because it is a crutch for the Medics that use it, and changing its stats is sure to cause confusion and potentially anger.
      • Panic Attack is not being changed because a weapon replacement is planned for it, but cannot take place because we are using presently inferior server plugins. Your suggestion will be considered later.
      • Pomson 6000 suggestion is too extreme, see Ubersaw.
      • Frontier Justice is already perfectly balanced and drastically changing it will result in a similar situation as the Solemn Vow but for Engineers. The Wrangler is currently being tooled into a sniper pistol, which should better suit your needs.
      • Southern Hospitality suggestion is not being considered because it changes the health of the user.
    • The classes will not be reworked. The current way Engineers and Medics are designed encourages establishing a defense on the map, which is the meta we wish to support.
    • Proposed bonus rounds:
      • Nuclear Solution will be considered.
      • Taunt Wars will not work because Medics have faster taunts that kill earlier.
      • Big Friendly is too extreme and requires too much work, therefore it will not be considered. Just play Rottenburg for a while.
      • Teleporters Only will not work because Medics can camp teleporter pools and kill Engineers on sight.
    • Multi-class Zombie Survival already exists, and its called Super Zombie Fortress. We host it on one of our servers.
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