[Report] Player "Edgy Teenager Who Does Memes" [U:1:184153070]

Discussion in 'User Reporting Forum' started by EbuVitae, Apr 5, 2019.

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    Apr 5, 2019
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    (I hope this is the correct place to do this -- if it isn't, please let me know where it needs to go.)

    Somewhere around 1:15 PM CST, in the UK Zombie Survival server (, player "Edgy Teenager Who Does Memes" [U:1:184153070] posted the messages:

    Edgy Teenager Who Does Memes : wow why you went for me you gay fa##ort
    Edgy Teenager Who oes Memes : fa##ot i mean

    [censored, to prevent automatic removal of this forum thread]

    These messages are at lines 534 and 538 of the attached condump file. The file was created shortly after leaving and rejoining the server, so the timestamps are not totally accurate. (In addition, I had muted the player shortly afterward, so I didn't see any messages from that user afterward.)

    Here is the SteamRep and Steam Community profile URLs of the user in question:

    Here is the user's local SourceBans query:

    Please review the chat logs of the server, if possible, to verify this information.

    hl2_2019-04-04_13-16-30.png hl2_2019-04-04_13-16-17.png

    Attached as well is the condump file. A message with some of the information above has been appended to the file.

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    I took a look at the players chat logs, they only did this on one occurrence. No action necessary.
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