[UNOFFICIAL] Unban Appeal Structure

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    We make sure everyone has a fun time on our servers. We take these appeals very seriously, and we review these thoroughly.

    This structure helps us understand your issues, problems and we can go through things more quickly like information about yourself and evidence of why you should be unbanned.

    Step 1.

    Steam Game Name:
    Steam Profile:
    Link to your GameMe Stats:

    Step 2.
    Link to your punishment on SourceBans:
    Moderator(s) who have banned you:
    What server were you banned on:

    Step 3.
    Evidence that you have not been breaking our rules so we can decide whether your ban should be lifted or not. (This requires either demos of your gameplay, chat logs or console logs):

    Why should you be unbanned (requires at least 1 - 2 paragraphs):
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.