Zombie Survival weapon balances

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    (i) No balances apply to this weapon

    The Shotgun, while part of the meta, is considered second to the Widowmaker due to its need to reload after firing.

    Frontier Justice

    (+) 100% faster reload speed
    (+) 3 extra reserve ammo

    The Frontier Justice was originally a straight downgrade from the Shotgun because of its inability to deal revenge criticals due to the lack of Sentry Guns within the game mode. This has been rectified with the Frontier Justice's increased reload speed and reserve ammo. As a result, the Frontier Justice is able to put out more sustained fire than the Shotgun.


    (-) 10 more ammo consumed per shot

    The Widowmaker was once hailed as the penultimate primary weapon, due to its use of metal for ammo, meaning that it could shoot Medics reliably without any reload time. Because of the devastating power this weapon had outside of Dispenser defenses, its metal consumption was increased to reduce the viability of more aggressive shooting.

    Pomson 6000

    (+) 10% damage bonus
    (+) 10% faster reload speed
    (+) 80% faster firing speed

    The Pomson 6000 was the most underused primary weapon due to the large delay between shots and slow-traveling projectiles, making aiming very difficult. Post-balance, the Pomson can be fired more quickly and deals more damage, but the Pomson's projectiles are blocked by teammates, making it an unfavorable weapon in cramped spots.

    Rescue Ranger

    (+) 50% larger clip size
    (+) 100% more reserve ammo
    (+) No self mark for death when hauling buildings

    The changes to the Rescue Ranger bring it on par with other weapons, although it still requires more guesswork to aim. As a projectile weapon, it suffers very little damage falloff. Its ability to fire bolts through teammates makes it a useful tool to fight and heal buildings in situations where body blocking is common.

    Panic Attack

    (+) 30% faster reload speed
    (+) No decrease in accuracy after successive shots
    (-) No increased deployment speed

    Before the Jungle Inferno Update, the Panic Attack was a balanced alternative to the Shotgun and Widowmaker, thereby also being part of the meta. However, the update removed the weapon's unique shooting mechanic, and replaced it with sub-par attributes. It has since been balanced to bring its firepower and bullet spread closer to the other primaries.


    (i) No balances apply to this weapon

    The Pistol was the original meta secondary in the Engineer's arsenal, due to there being no good alternatives before the first major weapon balances. By default, it continues to be the most used secondary.


    (+) 10% faster move speed while deployed
    (+) 35% damage resistance while deployed
    (-) 50% slower deploy time

    Originally, the Wrangler was useless in nearly all rounds of Zombie Survival, its only ability arising during the bonus round where Sentry Guns are allowed, in which it could shield them from a small amount of incoming damage. The balances it has received have catapulted it into the meta playstyle, offering an easy escape for Engineers in serious danger.

    Short Circuit

    (+) 200% damage increase
    (-) Secondary fire disabled

    The Short Circuit was nerfed initially due to its secondary fire, which gave Survivors an unfair advantage due to the alt-fire passing through Dispensers. Even after the Jungle Inferno Update, this function is still overpowered. The weapon has been updated to make it viable without relying on its secondary fire.


    (+) 10% faster swing speed
    (+) 25 more health on wearer

    The stock Wrench's swing speed buff was made to give the weapon a reason to be used, for it had no upsides at all and generally performed poorly in matches at the time. All Engineer melee weapons except the Gunslinger were buffed with 25 extra health to reduce the shift the meta towards stock.


    (+) One Punch: One guaranteed crit per two killing non-crit punches
    (-) No third-hit-guaranteed-crit

    The Gunslinger was originally the most used melee in the Engineer's arsenal with its impressive bonus 25 health and third-hit-guaranteed-crit. This mechanic was changed to benefit players of a lower skill level. Instead of needing to hit three punches in a row to get a critical, a single critical hit is stored if an Engineer first kills two Medics with regular punches.

    Southern Hospitality

    (+) 25 more health on wearer

    The Southern Hospitality denies any Medic it hits from healing back lost health for a short time. This weapon should be used sparingly.


    (+) 15% faster repair rate from 100%
    (+) 25 more health on wearer

    The Jag is a wrench built for repairing buildings. Like the Wrench, it has a fast construction time, but the Jag also has a faster repair rate with the downside being that it suffers when attempting to attack Medics.

    Eureka Effect

    (i) 25 more health on wearer
    (+) Teleport has 0.5 second delay
    (-) On Teleport: Cannot teleport for 10 seconds
    (-) On Teleport: Marked for death for 10 seconds

    The Eureka Effect is most commonly used to build Teleporters without much metal and teleport away from danger, however the melee has had a troubled history. It is regularly abused by griefers in order to kill teammates by teleporting them into danger, and also to escape damage themselves. This has resulted in the teleport ability being nerfed heavily.


    (i) No balances apply to this weapon

    The Bonesaw is the most well-rounded Zombie weapon, as well as the most accessible. It deals the standard amount of damage per second, has no downsides, and thus is part of the Zombie meta.


    (+) On Hit: Gain 10 health

    The Übersaw does not deal as much damage per second as the stock melee, but is useful because of its Spinal Tap taunt, which can stun and kill Engineers instantly if positioned correctly. Additionally, it now provides health to a Zombie attacking a Survivor directly.


    (+) 15% damage increase vs. buildings
    (-) 10 less health on wearer

    The Vita-Saw used to be an undesirable melee because it gave Zombies 10 less health with no upsides. Post-balance, the Vita-Saw brings a Medic's health down to 130 in exchange for dealing more damage to buildings, so it is a practical choice in situations where Survivors may struggle to see over their own buildings.


    (-) Self mark for death while using Alt-Fire

    The Amputator is a special case in that it is able to heal fellow Medics within a radius. This melee is extremely useful when accompanied by a horde of Zombies, as the horde can shelter those using the Amputator whilst attacking Survivors, thus continually regenerating the horde's health, making for a partially damage-resistant rush. Due to this predicament, Medics healing with the Amputator are marked for death so they can be killed more easily if exposed.

    Solemn Vow

    (+) 50% knockback resistance on wearer
    (-) 10% slower swing speed

    The Solemn Vow was the least used Zombie melee overall during the first few weapon balances updates, used exclusively by Medics that had become too used to the weapon's upside of seeing enemy health to use anything else. The melee now has a secondary purpose, to dampen knockback and thereby make attacking roaming Engineers easier.
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